The Macroduct Sweat Stimulation & Sweat Collection Model 3700 offers:
  • Pilogel Discs for safe and efficient pilocarpine iontophoresis
  • Elimination of errors and artifacts associated with previous sweat collection systems
  • Impeccable accuracy in the diagnostic result by reducing human error potential to the lowest possible level
  • Maximum operator convenience
  • Automatic iontophoretic control with fail-safe circuitry
  • Visual quantitation of sweat production
  • Total avoidance of evaporation and condensate errors, allowing collection of pure sweat.
  • An ultimate fit with the ChoroChek Chlorodomiter or the Sweat-Chek™ sweat condictivity analyzer for accurate and reliable sweat testing


Sweat Stimulation

Sweat Testing consists of three separate procedures, the first one being sweat stimulation. The improved Webster Sweat Inducer accomplishes pilocarpine iontophoresis simply by activating a start switch. It gently delivers a safe and optimal quantity of pilocarpine for gland stimulation (equivalent to five minutes iontophoresis at 1.5 mA).

The Model 3700 has integral fail-safe circuitry to limit the applied voltage and warn of open circuits. Current is brought up slowly to full power and then reduced slowly at completion of iontophoresis to minimize patient discomfort. Two standard 9-volt batteries supply power.

Pilogel® Iontophoretic Discs are unique gel reservoirs of pilocarpinium ions that are simple and safe for iontophoreticsweat stimulation. There are no electrolyte solutions to prepare or to keep track of, and no messy electrolyte pads that must be saturated with separate solutions. Instead, a Pilogel disc is inserted into each of the recessed stainless steel electrodes, which are then attached to the patient.
Macroduct Sweat Test CF

Sweat Collection

The Macroduct Sweat Collector is a unique disposable plastic device having a shallow, concave under-surface. The Macroduct is placed over the iontophoretically-stimulated area on the skin and firmly strapped in place.

Sweat secreted by the sweat glands is forced from the ducts under hydraulic pressure andflows between the skin and the concave undersurface of the Macroduct collector and into the micro bore tubing spiral.A small amount of blue dye allows easy monitoring of the accumulated sweat volume.

After a sufficient volume of sweat has accumulated, a sweat dispenser, or blunt needle on a tuberculin syringe is connected to the open end of the tubing. The tubing is then uncoiled from the body of the Macroduct and severed at the point of attachment. The sample can then be expressed into a supplied sealable PCR tube or directly into the analytical instrument.

Sweat production will vary considerably from patient to patient, but the average individual will produce approximately 60 microliters of sweat during a 30-minute collection interval.

Sweat Analysis

Either a micro-sample chloridometer or the Wescor Sweat-Chek Analyzer performs the analysis phase of Wescor’s sweat testing protocol.  Interfacing perfectly with Macroduct, Sweat-Chek measures the total electrolyte of the sweat specimen and displays the reading in equivalent NaCl molarity units (mmol/L).  While clinicians have traditionally used sweat chloride or sweat sodium ion assay, sweat conductivity is also a proven method of sweat analysis. It is a simple and reliable indicator to confirm or exclude the physician's clinical diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

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